Thursday, December 11, 2014

CIA Torture Memes: Maybe Someone Will Read These Now

It's sad that we have to turn this serious matter into memes just so our society will read and acknowledge it. Is this what it's coming to? I hate to say this but whatever works I suppose.
From the dailydot:
On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence committee finally released its long-awaited report on the CIA's use of torture on detainees.
It's a horrific read detailing how the agency subjected detainees, many of whom were only held due to inaccurate information, to inhuman treatment and then repeatedly lied to the White House and congressional officials about the program's effectiveness.
The report deserves to be shared far and wide—but it's a 525-page report chock full of bureaucratic language. Boring! To make it more sharable, we've compiled a set of memes that totally illustrates some of the report's most important and eye-catching takeaways. Isn't sharing fun?! [Weeps into hands.]

Photo via  Marion Doss/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) | Image remixes by Rob Price and Cooper Fleishman

Source (dailydot)

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