Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broadway Calls - Bad Intentions

Broadway Calls - Check em out. Ill post a review soon :-)

Band members
Ty Vaughn - Guitar/Vocals
Adam Willis - Bass
Josh Baird - Drums
Former members
Robbie Baird - Guitar
Chris Spencer - Guitar
Matt Koenig - Bass/Backing Vocals

Broadway Calls (2007), (Smallman/State of Mind Records)
Broadway Calls (Re-Issue) (2008), (Adeline Records)
Good Views, Bad News (2009), (Side One Dummy Records)
Call The Medic (2005), (State Of Mind Records)
The Riot Before/Broadway Calls Split (2007)
Broadway Calls/Teenage Bottlerocket Split (2008), (Adeline Records)


I belong to bad intentions, please tell you're not coming over tonight,
I have the worst intentions, please tell me you're not thinking the same thing

The last time I saw you, we were staring at each other across the room,
I backed out, fate stepped in, and we ended up alone

I'm the subject of investigation, please excuse me if I don't come over tonight,
I'm preceded by my reputation, but standing between us there is one thing

As we approach your door, you try to convince me it's right, that we're alive, but in the back of my mind, I know we're destroying lives

You've got me down on the floor, you try to convince it's right, that we're alive, but on the tip of my tongue, I know we're destroying lives

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