Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jesse Ruben - Don't Marry Him

Another amazing song from Jesse Ruben. I couldnt find the lyrics online so i transposed them below. Enjoy the video and as always, support the artist for their wonderful contribution <3


When we met you told me you were running from your past
its crazy how a life can change from good to bad so fast

And you sent invitations out and picked up your new dress
And then you find another woman lying in his bed

Dont Marry Him
Dont Marry Him

And I will always listen if you need someone to tell
And I like everything about you that you dont like yourself,
And you spent four days at my house and all we did was laugh
But I dont think we knew how good it was the thing we had

Cause I loved you I think, but that was not enough
But what you needed from me was a whole lot more than love

Call it bad timing or call it bad luck
But I was not surprised when we lost touch

Dont Marry Him
Dont Marry Him

Six months later i found out that you met someone new
I started to resent him but then I realized there's no use
You called me this afternoon with news I had to hear
You said I just got engaged Im getting married within a year

She said I loved you I think, that that was way back then
But what I needed from you we both know I could not give

But you saved me I think
Yes you saved me I think
And I'm happy that we met

Dont Marry Him
Dont Marry Him

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