Friday, December 12, 2014

How Long To Make A Million. These Companies Race

This is just upsetting. How much money these companies are making in such as short period of time. Ugh. If Walmart was a superpower it would be number 24 in the world based on its worth.

EACH second Walmart collects $15,054, Google garners $1,897 and tiny Twitter ekes out $21. In the interactive chart below, companies race to reach $1m. (Partial spoiler alert: the winner clocks in at 1 minute 6 seconds.) It offers a fresh look at the relative commercial power of big companies. Professional investors are aware—hopefully—of these differences. But others may be surprised by some of the relationships. Coca-Cola earns more than PepsiCo despite fewer sales. Boeing and Airbus enjoy about equal revenue, but the American firm is much more profitable. For more, read the “charticle” in the latest issue, here.

Source (theeconomist)

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