Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zoe McCready - Take me with you

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Author: Zoe McCready
Title: Take me with you
Submitted: 12/14/2010 14:08:27


In the darkness I see you
riding above the stars
take me with you
we could enjoy an eteranl bliss
teamed forever with happiness
take me with you

In the light I see you
flying along with a kite
take me with you
we would never have to spend our days apart
all my love spilling into your heart
take me with you

In my dreams I see you
wondering in a whole new scene
take me with you
we could explore places like France and Italy
stopping to take photos of us as a "we"
take me with you

In my reality I see you
cold and buried in the ground
take me with you
why did you have to leave me behind
was my love not enough to stop you suicide
take me with you

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  1. Lyrics are great...Very positive in the beginning then take a sharp turn at the end. I really enjoyed them. There is an eminent sadness throughout that becomes apparent when you realize there was a suicide. Thanks for submitting