Zoe McCready - All Grown Up

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Author: Zoe McCready
Title: All Grown Up
Submitted: 12/14/2010 14:20:17


I remember the good days
I remember the bad times
I think that I know everything
But still theres lots more lessons to find

Every year I say its gonna change
Nothing will knock me down
But fate always proves me wrong
Oh why can't I be right?

When you fall
you have to get up
When you ge up
you have to walk on

It's a rollercoaster ride
when you go down
you'll always get back up
It's like riding a bike
you don't know it straight away
you have to feel the pain
you think getting older makes you wiser
you think being smarter make you better
But I know for a fact that your wrong
and you won't keep up this attitude for long
cause yor the same person you were at school
your just a naive old fool

How many people can break my heart?
How many people can let me down
How many people can tear me apart?
How many people can make me down?

But how many times have people said "I love you" ?
How many times have people made me smile?
My memories are turning into Deja vu
Maybe life ain't so bad if you walk that extra mile

Chorus x2
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  1. I like the general message "dont give up" that is portrayed here. I would choose a lot of the words more carefully to make it flow a little smoother.
    Heres a tip: Dont put too much emphasis on rhyming, at times it can help with delivery, but can also limit the words you release.