Zoe McCready - Little Girl

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Author: Zoe McCready
Title: Little Girl
Submitted: 12/14/2010 14:33:27


Dedicated to Marina McCready

Little girl, so innocent so young
She'll make lots of mistakes
But its not because she's dumb
Little girl, so confident so free
She is everything
That I would like to be
Little girl, so lovely so naive
She's the only person
That I can trust and believe
Little girl, so cute she's all mine
She's right inside your heart
But don't go blind-

Chorus 1:
Trying to look for the cracks
Where everything went wrong
You can't take anything back
It's time to move on
Theres nothing you can do
Nothing you can say
Your life is still good
Try again another day
Don't regret
Don't howl
Because you should get
That its over over now

Hey girl, look at me now
So insecure, so paranoid
I bet your wondering how
Hey girl, would you ever believe
That it all came from a boy
Who was a cute as could be
Hey girl, I'm quoting a good flim
Even though your horrified
Don't run of for the hills
Hey girl, maybe you can guide me
Take me to my soul and maybe
I'll become whole again-becuase I'm

Chorus 2:
Trying to look for the cracks
Where everything went wrong
I can't take anything back
But I need to know how long
I'll have to suffer to ge
Some peace and find
out when I don't regret
and torturing my mind
I will try not to regret
I won't start to howl
But I'm not sure I'll ever get
That its over now
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  1. Love it!.There is a alot of meaning here.I would again look closely at a a few of the words. My suggestion would be to use a thesaurus to find "substitute" words to enhance the construction. This also prevents words from being used multiple times.