Tyler Hilton - Girl that got away



I can't believe it's cold enough
To wear this coat I just put up
With every stip on crowded streets
I hold my breath to watch it leave
It never sounded quite as nice
You said my name and closed your eyes

One more shot to get me through the morning
One more night to get me through today
If all I had was one more word
Then all that I could say
I would say good bye to the girl who got away

Morning starts with coffee on
And a wasted thought to where you've gone
The leaves are changing every day
How they look so orange against the grey
I see your face but you're never there
I hear your name it's everywhere


We talked about a film you'd seen
That reminded you of you and me
From the glass of wine for which I paid
'Til I caught the cab you took away

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