The Blacktop Cadence - Cold Night In Virginia

Thank you song is great. Has an old emo feel to it and definitely has the lyrics to back it up.

They played a lot of shows between 1996-98 and haven't since. Wish they were still around.

Heather Ann Parker - Bass
Christopher James Wollard - Vocals and Guitar
George A. Rebelo - Drums
Jack Duane Bailey - Guitar and Vocals

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Let me know what you think about it.

Check them out here:


i was outside smoking.
with the fall winds just beginning.
you were still inside mixing drinks.
with the music.
and the night was there for you.
as a backdrop.
and the streets were still and dark.
cause they had the rain.
to help calm them down.
and then you came back out.
sipping your drink.
to the rhythm of a cold night in virginia.
i'm ready and i'm willing

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