Trip to NYC / Picture of the Day / Lyrics Pic / Awesome - Mar. 28, 2011

So i visited NYC over the weekend. Wow is all i have to say. It was amazing. I hadn't been since i was a little kid and it was more than i could have ever imagined. Yes there were parts that were a little ...whats the word....terrifying, but i managed to survive. Get it. Survive.. haha. Times Square was absolutely beautiful at night and there were so many things i didn't know about. Like the red stairs above the ticket booth, and the crazy looking billboard that were such high quality. I was under the assumption that they were going to be crappy advertisements, but it turns out i couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Guess they work huh..
Wall street was stunning and i was so envious...and not to mention the women...wowowowow...there were so many gorgeous women it was insane. I couldn't believe it. I saw more beautiful women in one day than i have seen in my whole life back home...haha...maybe.
Now to a more touching subject. Ground Zero..Wow. IT was massive, huge, ginormous (yeah thats a word) and it hit me how much destruction was done. The memorial pools are coming along nicely and the freedom tower looks like it is going to be amazing. Really reflective on the outside with mirror like windows and very tall, maybe the tallest in NYC when it is done, not really sure.
Central Park was gorgeous. It was nice and green despite the actual outside temperature, which was pretty much freezing all weekend.. bummer.
The Empire State building was Sa-weeeet. It was so high up and you could see the whole city. It was phenomenal. It was worth every penny and i would do it over and over and over. The lines weren't that bad either, although there were a lot more tourist than i originally anticipated.
I'm sure i have more to write about but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.
Anyone who has been to the city, let me know how your experience went. :-)


Anyways. Here is another lyrics pic from yours truly

Trip to NYC / Picture of the Day / Lyrics Pic / Awesome - Mar. 28, 2011 Trip to NYC / Picture of the Day / Lyrics Pic / Awesome - Mar. 28, 2011 Reviewed by Shane on Monday, March 28, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. WOW - sounds amazing - please post photos!

    I came from the uk to see Radiohead at MSG - my hotel was directly oppsite ('Pennsylvania) ... I loved everything about NY (including getting lost on the subway in china-town at night!) - the best thing for me was seeing CBGB's (my other reason for going to NY) ... I walked the whole way from my hotel to CB's on the lower east side ... I wanted to see how NY changed as you walked through it ... and it was totally worth the few hours it took ... all this would have been missed if I'd have taken the subway
    ... also loved seeing the ducks in central park ('catcher in the rye) - still blows me away that C.P.
    exists in the middle of a city!!