The Dodos - Park Song

So this song is great. Plus the video had me laughing for hours hahahahaha. Let me know what you think :-)




Woke up today, a bit too late
Put on my shoes, and got some coffee
Cranked out the tunes, I think it was Roxy
Went back to snooze, until eight thirty
Went to the bar, they say is the most
Went by myself, and no one noticed
Wonder if I looked like a tourist
All that I could think, was please don't blow this

And we go
But they don't know us
Goes to show
We're not the same
Keep it in
Cause they don't know this
Let it out
But not today

Went to the park, today
Watched all the dogs as they played
None of them barked, they just hanged
Think I'll buy a dog, when I get paid
Saw the girl I know, from my job
I think that she must think, that I'm retarded
I act so dumb, when I get started
Time to cut my hair, and get it parted

The Dodos - Park Song The Dodos - Park Song Reviewed by Shane on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 Rating: 5