He Built These Nets By Hand. Suspended. Amazing Slackline Pictures

I cant believe this. If you are terrified of heights this will likely give you goosebumps. This is unreal.


A while ago we wrote about a festival where attendees hang out on hammocks suspended hundreds of feet over the Italian Alps. While the views from these hammocks are unbeatable, our readers were shocked how terrifying this ‘festival’ seemed. So we decided to showcase yet another example of high flying daredevils that like to hang out near the clouds.
The Moab Monkeys are a group of extreme athletes based in Utah, USA. The group specializes in highlining, BASE jumping, slacklining, and filmmaking. These adrenaline junkies recently created a handmade woven pentagonal web, which extended 400 feet up in the air and 200 feet from the surrounding cliffs.
From such great heights the group of daredevils hung out on their handmade net, walked across the thin web legs, and jumped down into the canyon below. Check out the photos from their epic adventure here!


The Moab Monkeys have performed in many parts of the world, including Rio and the Australian Alps. Yet, in their southern Utah hometown of Moab there are plenty of canyons and cliffs to explore and enjoy.


Every fall more and more high adventure athletes travel to Moab to enjoy two different sports, BASE-jumping and highlining. Everyone in attendance pushes one another to reach new limits with their unique sport.
While these two groups enjoy different sports they come together in honor of their love for the gorgeous, undisturbed desert land that signifies true freedom and solitude. This year was more incredible than ever before thanks to the invention of the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse.”


Suspended 400 feet above the rocky desert floor, “The Mothership Space Net Penthouse,” pushed attendees from both sports to work together to create the perfect space for highliners and BASE jumpers to congregate.
While the highliners practiced their skills walking across the five different legs of the net, the jumpers dived through the hole at the center of the net. One would simply dive through the hole and wait for their parachute to deploy.


In order to get to the net, attendees had to walk 200 feet across a thin piece of webbing. The net was for relaxing, hanging out, taking cool photos, enjoying the unmatched views, and pushing to the limits.


The highliners dedicate their time to walking across strips of webbing that is only one-inch wide and suspended hundreds of feet in the air. At the same time, the jumpers keep busy diving off of the ginormous cliff edges, straight down to the canyon floor below.
This diversity in activity usually keeps the two groups of athletes separated, but the space net allowed everyone to congregate together and enjoy their own respective sport.


In 2012 a similar attempt was created, called the “Space Thong.” The latest net included huge upgrades and granted a far more cohesive experience for all. It took 3-solid days and more than 50 different volunteers, BASE jumpers, and highliners to create this awesome net suspended in space.
Andy Lewis also played a big role with his genius rigging abilities and dynamic vision. Lewis learned how to weave nets back in his college days, and for the last 8 years has been honing his talents and making nets all over the world. His experiences and creativity allowed him to come up with “The Mothership Sky Net Penthouse.”


This is what I would look like the whole time, only I’d be screaming, “Help, help!”


The Pentagon Space Net made this year’s Thanksgiving ritual even more incredible than it has been in past years. There is much excitement surrounding the future as highliners and jumpers merge together to create even more amazing ways to enjoy life, and high adrenaline sports to the fullest.


Incredibly, not only person was injured during the dangerous stunts pulled off here. (That’s because I wasn’t there! ;))


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