The Antlers - Hospice (Full Album)

This is an amazing album and there is an amazing story behind it. Its a concept album and if you dont know what that is, its an album based on a story essentially. Here is some more info:

Hospice tells the story of a relationship between a hospice worker and a female patient suffering from terminal bone cancer, their ensuing romance, and their slow downward spiral as a result of the woman's traumas, fears, and disease. Frontman Peter Silberman has been reluctant to divulge explicit details regarding the meaning of the record, and the extent to which it is autobiographical. Silberman has described it as the story of an emotionally abusive relationship.


The Antlers - Hospice (Full Album) The Antlers - Hospice (Full Album) Reviewed by Shane on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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