Grey Season - Roslyn

Love the delivery and the banjo add a pleasant depth to the track. Really a pleasant tune to listen to. How can you claim you're not like all the rest.



Rosyln can you feel it too?
That cold empty air that is threatening you
Though it may seem that
we're always in motion
Our footsteps will keep
leaving evidence against

Rosyln does it matter now?
The distance will turn
all our love into hate
Photos of us will remain in it's absence
Quietly living the life we could never seem to find

Faces float by me and
they all look like yours
Can't get my gaze off the ground anymore
But how can you claim
you're not like all the rest?
You showed up to my funeral
in a wedding dress

Roslyn can you hear the sirens?
They cry themselves to sleep every night
Their kids are out back
smoking clove cigarettes
telling everyone that they were adopted

Roslyn even in my dreams
the poison's too strong
and too settled in your veins
It's a secret I'll keep
to save your piece of mind
It'll destroy us both
given enough time

How can I make you feel
a little less human
and a little more real?
Close your eyes and pray
We may need a miracle
to get through today

Grey Season - Roslyn Grey Season - Roslyn Reviewed by Shane on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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