Sadurn - Snake

Really love the vibe here. Super chill and great lyrics.

Honey I was wrong, I had to walk down to turn
Get a good look at my ways and hell maybe I’ve learned something
From wringing out my shame - I had to lay down with her
If just to see it was the same thing that got me before

Honey I was right, I thought about it all night
I looked the snake right in his face, I’ve seen the way he blinks that eye at me
But I am not afraid, I’ve heard we’re all gonna die
In a cascade of system failure or in the blink of an eye

Honey I would bet that I’d be just as upset
I’d be at least as mad as you were when we crawled into my bed
But I do regret running right up to the red
I hope the waters down in Assateague are clearing your head

Maybe it was wrong to meet you out in State College
As if we were still together, like I was your only option
But I’m not - and you know that I’m not as true as I thought
But I’d still drive for several hours on a dime if you dropped it

Honey you were kind to tell me that it’s alright
I know my fault is that I speak every damn thought in my mind
But I want you to know that I’ll be holding that line
And I believe in all your mercy
And in the weight of the tide as it is pulling you back towards me
You know that I am always yours if you’ll still have me
Though you’re tired from that long walk over the chasm
But my idea of love is that it’s lasting
But my idea of love is that it’s lasting
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