Submitted Lyrics - Jessica Poulson - Butterfly

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Here is my review:
Overall I think the lyrics are decent. Wish I knew the tempo and rhythm of the song to understand them a bit more. The entire peace seems a bit short and potentially rushed in my opinion. Taking some of the predictability out of the lyrics would help to keep it more interesting. But like I said, its easy to say its rough when reading it, but it could be riveting when placed with the right accompaniment and in the correct rhythm.

Thanks Jessica!


I was never gonna leave the ground,
Never ever gonna make a sound,
untill you said you would never ever let me down

I was a butterfly that couldnt see the sky,
now that you've passed me by,
I can fly
Come on and take my hand untill we die,
we are soring high,
butterfly, butterfly.

One day i was looking around and i realised,
that i had left the ground and made a sound,

Chorus x2

Ooooohh lalala
Butterfly, butterfly
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